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Clients Speak For Us

Though our service speaks for itself, our clients like to speak for us, too!
Here are some letters from satisfied customers!

Hey Andre,
You did my Lightning and my Infinity last week and just want to tell you your work is great! I am absolutely thrilled! You did a great job, very pleased. And I will be using you from here on out! I will be telling anyone else I know. I’m going to let them know about you guys because you’re really good! Thanks a lot.
Bruce Glenn
We are extremely happy with Andre's work on our new BMW. The car looks as good as new, and we are very pleased. Body shops wanted to replace the whole bumper and repaint the new one, giving us quotes of $550 (Dent Removal & Repaint) -$1150 (Whole Bumper Replacement). We found Renew-It on a Goggle Search for "Dent Removal" and sent Andre the photos of the big dent by email. Andre replied very promptly, and also cleared all our doubts very professionally. He gave us a very competitive quote. He promised us that if he cannot make it look as good as new, then he will not undertake the work. He came exactly on time, and did the job extremely professionally and very cleanly. His color matching was absolutely perfect. The car looks new now, and nobody can make out that it had a big dent.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE GREAT JOB DONE. Wish you all the best in your future."
Vasanthi & Praveen Sontha
Simi Valley
I just want to thank you for making my Lexus look new again! The jagged stone wall that I accidentally backed into made a horrible mess of my bumper and I really didn't think that it could be repaired. You came to my home the day after I called and began your magic on the car immediately.

I was impressed by your honesty about the probable results of your work and also by your professional demeanor. I had to have a mirror replaced under warranty by the dealer a few weeks ago and they were not able to match the special "black diamond" paint as well as you did. Thanks for the terrific job at a fair price. I recommend you to anyone! Best wishes in your endeavors.
Frank Ladwig
Thank you. From what I've observed so far it's perfect! I'm very impressed and would recommend you. One person has already asked for your number.

Thanks again.
Karen Johnson
Thousand Oaks
Your people have come and fixed our car. We are ecstatic about it! We love it. It's really, really beautiful ...it looks really good. We are so happy. Thank you for the wonderful service! We are going to give your cards to our friends. We can't speak highly enough about you company and work you have done for us. So, undoubtedly, we'll be in touch in the future. Thanks again and thanks for your professionalism with following up. I really appreciate that.
Vicki Choy
Newbury Park
Hi y'all:
Just want to acquaint you with this service. The owner is Andre Avila, and I recently saw his card in the Educated Car Wash advertising rack. I called him about the dents in my bumpers and a couple of door dings. Normally from the pictures he can provide an estimate that he says is generally +/- 10% of the actual work, (but he cautioned that he actually had to see the work to be done before committing to a firm price). Also, he won't do the work if he doesn't think that he can do a good job. He tells you this all up front, so there's no surprises.

He came out to my home to pre-inspect and did confirm a price, which was very competitive, so I authorized him to proceed. He worked on the car there, (his work truck and trailer is completely "set up" with compressor, generator, paint and mixing capabilities to re-create any auto paint by code and all the "tools" he needs for the body work, (i.e. welders, grinders, power tools, etc.) His work was excellent and his pricing half of what two local autobody shops quoted me. He stays in touch via cell phone while on the job and as an example, when he finished the spot work, he called to say that he thought it would be best to completely repaint both bumpers and for another hundred bucks! I said "go for it".

The convenience is great, since with the body shops, I would have had to give up my car for two days, plus the "drop off and pick up" hassle. If you ever need some autobody work done, or someone you know is looking for this type of service, I highly recommend him. You should check out his website at file:www. to view his work. I am going to be sending this same email to many clients and friends and strongly feel you will probably want to do so yourselves.
Happy "Careful" Driving,
Tom Caesar
Thank you for the movie tickets! Marge and I went to go see "Amelia"...Marge was very pleased by your expertise as was I when you did mine. If you would like to send me some of your cards, I could pass some to friends and neighbors. Thank you for the pleasant surprise!Sincerely,
Mary. B
Leisure Village, Camarillo
"I’ve used Renew It for auto detailing and have always been impressed, but it wasn’t until I had holes repaired in the bumper of my Porsche Carrera that I learned just how talented Andre Avila actually is. I bought a 2008 Carrera S from a local dealership and was very unhappy with the fact that there were four screw holes in the front bumper for the license plate bracket. I received an estimate from a body shop I had done business with and they wanted $850 to repair the holes and repaint the area. Andre from Renew It was able to repair the holes, match the paint perfectly, and leave no evidence of the job in about 3 1/2 hours at the very reasonable price. I didn’t have to be without my car for 2 to 3 days as I would have with the body shop, and Andre uses exactly the same paint formulas and color matching system the body shops use! If Renew It can make repairs like this to my Porsche, they’ll certainly be fixing the problems on my truck as well!

Do yourself a favor, save your money and get your bumper fixed at the same time. Call Andre and make an appointment."
Wayne Tidwell
Thousand Oaks
I have taken good care of my 2003 Lexus for four years. I have had numerous detail jobs, but none have even come close to the job Renew-It recently did. Hood chips, scratches, and bumper scrapes were all erased, plus the quality of wax applied resulted in my car looking like I just drove it out of the showroom.

JRBowen Consulting, LLC
Dear Andre:
Thank you again for the "cleanup" work you did on my Honda. Not only is the work superb, but you made the execution of the repair so easy by being mobile and coming to my worksite. Everyone there was impressed with your professionalism and neatness, and I have no doubt they noted your company name for future reference.

I was glad to recommend you to a colleague just this week. Indeed, I was hoping I would have such an opportunity as you were delightful to work with. You are a fine businessman who runs a professional business. Ah, that all tradespersons were so responsible!

Janice Somple
Simi Valley
Your man worked on my Durango today. If you have a complaint department, you might as well get rid of it! It's a waste of time! This young mad did an outstanding job. Just an outstanding job. If it (the repair) lasts as long as he said it will, I couldn't be happier!"
Bob Kazmirski
Hello Andre,
This is Joshua Edwards writing to you here from Ojai simply to thank you for doing such a great job with the car that I was renting. You touched things up so that it looked better than new and I'm especially grateful for all the ways you saved my family money by using your service. Instead of having to replace the bumper which probably would have cost about $550.00 extra, we can now use those funds for the holidays. Additionally, I appreciate that you arrived on time, connected with me in a way that was both personable and professional, and it felt like you were treating me the same way you would take care of someone in your family by responding to all my questions with warmth and honesty. It was clear to me that you always had our best interests at heart and particularly because of that, I'm glad to recommend your company to my friends.

My sweetheart, Michelle and I are so thankful for your service, especially because we had to leave the car out in the rain last night and we woke up to find that the area you touched up still shined like it was brand new. We returned it to the rental company today and nobody was the wiser.So, thanks for going to extra mile to make sure that everything worked well for our family.

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